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About Us

Inspired by the iconic beauty and symmetry of the ever-elegant peacock, a bird celebrated for its colors, proud demeanor and extravagant and detailed eye-spotted tail, FEATHERS began the writing of a new story of style on October 10, 2010.

The Emirati brand has the Arabic culture deeply rooted in its tale from the logo which was inspired by the traditional architectural patterns, motifs close to the heart of its creator an architect himself, to the designs that pay tribute to the Emirates proud  and rich heritage. Combining luxury with aesthetics and reflecting the distinctive Emirati and Middle Eastern fashion, FEATHERS is the first Arabic Luxury brand to offer a full range of products from genuinely crafted leather goods, exquisite time pieces, writing instruments, fine jewelry, to captivating fragrances, accessories, sunglasses and top-of-the line shoes.

Appealing to the young arabs, FEATHERS goods are coveted by the elite who want to make a bold statement by celebrating their love of luxury in the most arabic way. The exquisite designs embody the brand identity by playing up the intense details and color combinations that the brand became famous for.

Khalid Basaeed, Founder of FEATHERS UAE, the first Emirati brand for luxury goods is an Emirati entrepreneur and a UAE University graduate, majoring in Architecture and holding a MSc degree in Urban Design from Edinburgh college of Art. His studies opened his eyes on product design which was one of the majors offered in college. Having noticed a gap in the market for Arabic identity in the luxury industry, Basaeed, displaying unparalleled vision decided to start his own business by establishing the 1st Emirati brand, and the rest is history.

FEATHERS UAE first boutique opened in Abu Dhabi, the capital and precisely at the iconic Dalma Mall. Other shops followed and today the ever expanding brand has a strong presence in the following upscale shopping centers scattered around the country:

  • Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi
  • Dalma Mall, Abu Dhabi
  • Al Ain Mall, Al Ain
  • Dubai Festival City Mall, Dubai
  • Mirdif City Centre, Dubai
  • Mall of Qatar, Doha

The brand’s success stems from the creative approach of infusing high quality luxurious goods with an Arabic flare. The designs rely on both minimalism and practicality where a “less is more” approach is adopted. Combining cutting edge methods of execution with the highest quality raw materials, like Camel leather which was firstly used in leather goods by FEATHERS, the brand strives to open more doors across the UAE, expand in the GCC and then go global in the next few years.